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Real Man's Toolbox: How Will We Be Judged?

By Leo Hellyer



Men,  we  are  all  on  a  journey,  an  adventure,  a  quest.  We  have  been  on  this  path  as  it  says  in  Psalm  139:13  since  we  were  “knitted  together  in  our  mother’s  womb.”  For  most  of  us  this  trek  has  had  many  facets,  many  directions,  many  goals,  and  events  that  we  perceived  as  good,  bad,  miraculous  and  devastating.  There  is  one  constant  in  everything  that  we  experience,  and  that  is  that  God  has  been  with  us  through  every  moment  in  time,  every  breath  that  we  have  taken.


As  men,  most  of  us  do  a  lot  of  evaluating  throughout  our  lives.  Am  I  successful,  a  good father,  a  good  husband,  a  good  boss,  a  good  worker,  a  good  man  of  God?  Unfortunately,  many  times  our  evaluations  are  more  influenced  by  the  society  that  we  live  in  on  a  daily  basis  than  the  truth  of  the  Bible.  It  seems  like  we  forget  that  God  Almighty  created  each  of  us  for  the  same  purpose:  to  have  a  relationship  with  Him.  He  loves  us  so  much  that  He  created  us  to  have  a  relationship  with  Him  for  eternity.  He  loves  us  so  much  that  He  doesn’t  force  that  relationship  upon  us.  He  has  allowed  us  to  make  our  own  choice  of  whether  we  want  to  be  in  relationship  with  Him  or  not.  But  He  never  gives  up  on  us;  He  is  always  there  waiting  for  us,  waiting  for  us  to  come  back  to  Him,  waiting  for  us  to  accept  His  unending,  unfathomable,  unconditional  love.


As  we  search  for  success  in  life,  we  have  a  huge  tendency  to  look  for  success  here  in  our  temporary  home  of  Earth,  while  we  seem  to  forget  to  some  degree  about  being  successful  in  our  eternal  home  of  Heaven.  When  someone  is  successful  in  business,  politics,  or  sports,  that  doesn’t  mean  that  they  should  automatically  be  the  goal  of  who  we want  to  be  like.  Our  goal  in  life  should  be  to  be  more  and  more  Christ-like  every  day.  Billy  Graham,  during  his  99  years  of  serving  God  on  this  Earth,  was  quick  to  point  out  that  all  of  us,  including  himself,  are  sinners;  we  have  all  fallen  short  of  the  glory  of  God.  Even  though  we  have  fallen  short,  we  still  should  seek  to  be  as  successful  as  we  can  in  living  a  life  that  is  acceptable  to  God.


Throughout  our  lives  we  are  evaluated  by  ourselves,  bosses,  friends,  spouses,  relatives,co-workers,  subordinates,  and  others.  We  spend  a  good  portion  of  our  lives  trying  to  please  others.  Trying  to  meet  or  exceed  the  expectations  of  others.  There  is  truly  only  one evaluation  that  matters.  This  is  the  Bema  Judgment  Seat  of  Christ.  This  is  where  we  will  receive  the  rewards  that  count,  the  rewards  that  we  will  have  for  eternity.  This  is  where  we  will  find  out  how  well  we  did  while  we  were  here  on  Earth.  This  is  where  we  will  find out  how  well  we  did  in  responding  to  the  Divine  appointments  that  God  set  up  for  us.          


As  we  live  in  the  society  that  we  currently  live  in,  we  still  need  to  keep  our  sights  on  God,  Heaven,  and  Eternity.  At  times  this  is  not  an  easy  task  to  complete.  There  are  many  distractions,  challenges  and  trials  that  can  lead  us  away  from  getting  closer  to  God.  God  gives  us  many  tools  to  use  while  we  respond  to  those  Divine  appointments;  He  provides  opportunities  for  us  to  serve  others,  and  in  turn  serve  Him.    


He  has  provided  us  with  His  Basic  Instructions  Before  Leaving  Earth  (BIBLE).  We  have  the  examples  of  Christian  men  and  women  who  preceded  us,  or  who  we  have  spent  time  with  personally  or  at  a  distance.  He  has  provided  us  with  His  words  in  the  form  of songs,  and  lives  lived  well.  He  provides  us  with  current-day  miracles  to  witness  and  experience  His  unconditional  love,  power,  and  compassion.


No  one  knows  how  long  we  have  here  on  Earth  to  “get  it  right.”  Men,  we  need  to  live  every  day  as  if  it  is  our  last.  We  have  a  huge  responsibility  to  share  the  “Good  News”  that we  know,  and  to  share  our  “God  experiences”  with  everyone  God  brings  along  our  path.  This  might  be  with  audible  words  in  person,  text,  email,  prayer,  compassionate  acts,  witnessing  how  we  live  life,  etc.  God  is  all  around  us  on  a  daily  basis.  He  gives  us  opportunities  to  serve  others  and  Him,  every  day.  He  may  want  you  to  touch  the  life  of  the  waiter  or  waitress,  cashier,  police  officer,  nurse,  doctor,  letter  carrier,  homeless  person,  or  the  guy  flying  the  sign  for  a  business  closure  outside  of  your  business.  We  never  know  when,  or  where,  God’s  Divine  appointments  will  appear.  


Until  we  breathe  our  last  breath,  we  need  to  be  seeking  how  God  wants  to  use  us  to  touch  His  children.  We  can  be  the  instrument  that  God  will  use  to  put  one  of  his  sheep  back  on  the  right  path.  We  can  be  the  catalyst  that  will  help  tear  down  the  wall  that  someone  has  built  between  themselves  and  their  Loving  Father.  All  of  us  need  to  keep  our  eyes  open  for  how  God  wants  to  use  us,  and  we  need  to  be  ready  and  eager  to  respond.


Leo  Hellyer  is  a  non-staff  pastor  with  a  local  church  and  has  been  married  to  his  wife  Norma  for  45  years.  The  couple  volunteered  with  the  Boise  FamilyLife  Ministry  Team  for20  years.  They  are  both  employed  by  Boise  Rescue  Mission  Ministries,  Norma  at  City  Light  Home  for  Women  &  Children  and  Leo  at  River  of  Life  Rescue  Mission.  Leo  is  also  the  President  and  Chief  Firearms  Instructor  with  Helping  Hands  Firearms  Training  LLC.  If  you  have  questions  about  Real  Man’s  Toolbox,  or  need  other  assistance,  Leo  maybe  reached  at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or  208-340-5544.

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